Who We Are

We are an empowered and proudly South African mining and logistics service provider. We take pride in our VERTICALLY INTEGRATED BUSINESS MODEL.

Blackmagic Logistics Solutions is a transport and logistics company that provides comprehensive solutions to any transport and logistics needs. Our strength lies in our customized, innovative and cost-efficient solutions which allow us to offer clients a notably professional and efficient service. We have developed flexibility and capability to deliver that all-important personal touch to all of our clients.

Our competitive advantage – amongst many – is a strong management team with a wealth of experience and expertise. In addition to this, we have cultivated a culture of excellence and professionalism throughout BMLS which also always puts safety ahead, be it in mining, transport or manufacturing sector.

By being pro-active in our approach to safety we add value to productivity for clients.


  • B-BBEE Level 1 (100% Black-owned, 70% Black-women owned)
  • Strong on empowerment of all forms (PDA, Women, skills development, etc.)
  • We are strategic in our applications with a focus on safety and compliance
  • We have extensive experience in handling the following:
    • Dry bulk products
    • Food grade products
    • Sensitive & valuable products (tin and DWi)
  • We have the flexibility and capability to give our customers the personal attention they require
  • We focus on sustainable development and ensure that we invest and develop communities we impact on through localisation, developing of our suppliers as well as reinvestment in social upliftment of the communities where BMLS staff members reside.


  • We have a strong management base that holds a wealth of experience and expertise in the fields of mining, logistics and warehousing
  • Our team is driven by original and cutting-edge thinking
  • We foster a culture of excellence and professionalism whilst SAFETY remains a top priority.
  • Values
    • Inspired Standards
    • Sustainable Efficience
    • Solution-Driven Attitude
    • Continuous Improvement
    • Operational Excellence
    • Dynamic
    • Strategic Alignment
    • Safety First

Where We Operate

Mining Services

Transport Of Cargo By Road

Transport Of Cargo By Rail

Warehousing and Bulk Cargo Handling Facilities

Clearing, Forwarding and Shipping