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Warehousing and Bulk Cargo Facilities

BMLS has established multiple hubs and partnered with reputable 3rd party operators across South Africa to provide a full logistics and storage solutions for both import and export cargo.



We have strategically selected the location for our operational hubs to allow for both road and rail in-bound and outbound flows, ensuring a wide variety of cost-effective logistics solutions for both import and export cargoes.

Our current established operational locations are as follows:

BMLS Vanderbijlpark:

  • Our flagship depot for our trucking operations
  • Site is mainly dedicated to the control of our road fleet
  • We have active contracts with steel producers in the area to move their finished products by road

BMLS Pretoria:

  • Facility geared to handle bulk minerals such as Chrome, Manganese, and Fluorspar bound for the export market
  • We offer both containerised and bulk export solutions from this facility
  • The facility is located a mere 1 km away from a rail siding which we use to move cargo from the Reef to the Coast
  • Even though the main purpose of the hub is to cater for export cargo, we can also handle import shipments

BMLS Hotazel:

  • Our hub responsible for managing and coordinating all our Northern Cape operations. These include:
    • Mining operations at various mines in the area
    • Rail operations (both containerised and bulk) of export cargo from various mines to the coast for Export
    • Bulk road transport operations both short distance within the Northern Cape and long distance for export cargo from the area to the coast
  • We also manage a container packing facility at one of the leading miners in the Northern Cape where we pack there as well as other miners cargo into contains for export

BMLS East London:

  • We currently operate a large warehouse in East London geared for the storage and distribution of FMCG Products
  • Our facility has got ‘food grade’ accreditation from the local authorities
  • We have earmarked East London as a location for our strategic growth plan and anticipate major growth in this area within the very near future

BMLS Durban:

  • Durban is the predominant port where the export cargo from BMLS Pretoria is shipped from
  • Cargo is received by rail directly into the Port of Durban
  • Through our Durban satellite office, we have partnered with various reputable service providers to offer import and export services for both all type of cargoes
  • BMLS Durban ensures that all cargo under our control (both imports and exports) is shipped/handled according to the Clients requirements

BMLS Port Elizabeth:

  • Export cargo originating mainly from our Northern Cape operations is moved by rail and road into Port Elizabeth for Export
  • We have partnered with Transnet Port Terminal (TPT) as well as other reputable service providers to ensure that cargo under our control, originating from the Northern Cape, is exported as per our Clients requirements